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Customer Focused.

INTRIC Grouting Solutions, Inc. was founded in 2017 out of a need for real customer-focused solutions in the grouting industry. We are an American manufacturer of colloidal/high shear, high pressure grout mixing/pumping plants. INTRIC currently offers three base models ranging from 30–120 GPM. We also offer custom-designed and built grouting equipment and silos for job-specific needs.

Solution Driven.

We exist to make it a lot easier for you to find the grout machine parts and service you’re looking for. We are partnered with National Piling Products, Foothills Drilling Equipment and Western Equipment Solutions for distribution. Our mission is to help you find the grout machine parts quickly and easily so you can get on with your project. With over 12 years of experience, and several milestones achieved already, we’re excited to be a fast-growing company.

We custom make thousands of parts for grout machines. If you’re looking for a specific part, you can request parts from us using our request parts form.

Our Team

Jorge Alvarado
Production Manager

Jorge brings consistent planning and quality oversight to each Intric unit we deliver.  He is equally at home assembling and performing final testing on our plants. With over 12 years of experience in manufacturing and mechanical maintenance within various aspects of the deep foundation industry, our customers and team rely on Jorge.

Neal Griffen
Sales & Service

Neal’s love of mechanical equipment started early in life.  His education in mechanical and automotive engineering, coupled with practical application at his own custom off-road shop, prior to joining INTRIC, makes Neal a wealth of knowledge, delivering results for our customers.  When Neal is not directly supporting customer needs, he is drafting, assembling, machining, and welding.  Ask Neal and it will happen.

Rick Humphrey
Fabricating & Welding

Rick’s 25-year experience in project management, die making, and precision welding for the aerospace industry delivers the foundation of each INTRIC unit.  Whether he is under a hood or developing a new design and process, Rick drives quality and innovation to the solutions provided by INTRIC.

Alex Runkowski
Technical Support

Alex led the design effort for the original INTRIC grout plant. He brought to force 12 years of manufacturing experience from a well-known European manufacturer.  On top of that, he has hard-earned field experience in technical support, training, and sales.  With a desirable German education in Mechatronics, Alex continues to create the next big idea at INTRIC.

Chad Schut
CNC Machinist

Chad brings behind-the-scene quality to the forefront of each unit INTRIC produces.  Beginning with an education in Tool & Die Machinery 30 years ago, Chad has seen the gambit of analogue to the most modern CNC equipment.  His expertise and experience-based techniques ensure precision parts durable enough to last in the harsh environment of grouting.

Benjamin VanderWeide

Ben has extensive experience in concrete applications, equipment maintenance, operational and project management, grounded in 28 years’ involvement in the concrete and foundation industries.  His first-hand experiences provided direct motivation and vision for creating the first INTRIC grout plant.  Since then, Ben has not stopped innovating. He never ceases listening to our customers’ needs and driving solutions ready for the field.

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