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D-12 Grout Plant

The D-12 Grout Plant

The D-12 is the second model in the INTRIC line.  Delivering 60 GPM capability up to 1800 PSI, it provides the additional capacities needed for larger micropiles and grouting projects.  The D-12 has a 170 gallon storage tank and 60 gallon mixing tank capacities.  INTRIC Grout Plants mix colloidally and high sheer which provides efficient speed to mix cement and has the ability for additional materials like sand, silica or lime to be added.  Additionally, the data can be recorded and logged for volume of daily use or per pile volumes. Check out the complete list of specs below!

The D-12 both sells and ships internationally, so its available when and where you need it.

Standard Features


  • Skid mounted steel frame, partially encased
  • Forklift slots
  • Powder coat

Delivery Pump

  • Double-acting, single-piston, horizontal pump

Deliver Pressure

  • Pressure transmitter to digital indicator

Mixing Tank

  • Round stainless steel tank, bottom inclined to outlet
  • Tank capacity: 230 l (60.84 U.S. gal)
  • Hopper with bag ripper
  • High shear colloidal mixing element
  • Drive bearing above the mixing level
  • No packing seal, therefore runs dry without problems


  • Oil tank capacity approximately 151.42 l (40 U.S. gal)
  • Oil filling and breather filter
  • Oil level and temperature indication
  • Electric cooling fan

Operating Elements

  • Two turning knobs for variable speed mixing
  • Turning knob for adjusting maximum pressure
  • Turning knob for changing speed of delivery rate (l/min/U.S. gal/min)
  • On/off switch for delivery pump (grouting pump)
  • On/off button for semi-automatic water dosage (special equipment SA 7/2)

Diesel Drive

  • Three-cylinder Kubota Diesel Engine, Tier4 Final, liquid-cooled
  • 49.5HP
  • Tank capacity approximately 83.28 l (22 U.S. gal)
  • Starter battery

Water Dosage

  • Water distributor with flushing connection
  • Water-holding and dosing tank V=160 l (42.32 U.S. gal)
  • Two-piece, hand-operated outlet valve

Mixing Tank

  • High-shear mixing tool mounted in the middle on mixing shaft, high-shear mixing and colloidal tool mounted on mixing shaft bottom part
  • Adjustable mixing speed from 0-1800 rpm hydraulic driven
  • Mixing performance on W/C ratio down to 0.32 by weight
  • Mixing tank acts as storage tank simply by turning down mixing speed after mix is ready
  • Capacity: 60 gal
  • Storage tank capacity: 150 gal

Grout Plant

  • Single hydraulic-driven, double-acting piston
    pump, check valve operated suction and
    pressure valves
  • Maximum Flow: 60 gal/min*
  • Maximum Pressure: 1800 PSI (120 bar)*

Power Pack

  • Power Pack contains hydraulic tank (40 gal) and diesel tank (22 gal) as well as Diesel Engine and Hydraulic Intelligence
  • The Power Pack is completely detachable from main frame for the possibility to operate Mixer and Pump Unit from a certain distance (inside buildings or tunnels) simply by extending hydraulic lines and control cables

Digital Screen

Monitor flow and pressure on internal digital screen.
Volume is calculated by stroke counting.**


  • Dimensions: 72″W x 95″L x 80″H
  • Weight: 4600 lbs

*Both maximum performances are not reachable at the same time.
**Flow on display is a theoretical calculated volume by
counting the strokes. Accuracy can be off by 100% (if suction line
is not connected or hoses are plugged, etc., pump will continue
to count!).

Technical Data

Water Dosage

  • Water distributor with flushing connection
  • Water-holding and dosing tank V=160 l (42.32 U.S. gal)
  • Two-piece, hand-operated outlet valve

Additional Features

  • Integrated toolbox included next to water tank (20 x 18 x 36)
  • Four work lights

Optional Extras

  • Spare parts sets
  • Pressure hoses
  • Remote controls
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