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d9 grout plant

The D-9 Grout Plant

Our first entry in a line up of Grout Plants to come, the D-9 is a culmunation of 15+ years of experience in the industry. Developed by INTRIC to serve as your workhorse for all of your grout needs. The D-9 was designed to check all boxes and perform day in and day out so you never have to worry about finding a replacement in a market where products are hard to come by. But don’t take our word for it, check out the specs below!

The D-9 both sells and ships internationally, so its available when and where you need it.

Standard Features


  • Skid mounted steel frame, partially encased
  • Forklift slots
  • Powder coat

Water Dosage

  • Water distributor with flushing connection
  • Water-holding and dosing tank V=2×160 l (2×42.32 U.S. gal)
  • Two-piece, hand-operated outlet valve

Two-Piece Mixing Tank

  • Round tank, bottom inclined to outlet
  • Tank capacity: 230 l (60.84 U.S. gal)
  • Hopper with bag ripper

Delivery Pump

  • Double-acting, single-piston, horizontal pump

Tools in Mixing Tank

  • High shear colloidal mixing element
  • Drive bearing above the mixing level
  • No packing seal, therefore runs dry without problems

Delivery Pressure

  • Pressure transmitter to digital indicator

Operating Elements

  • Two turning knobs for variable speed mixing
  • Turning knob for adjusting maximum pressure
  • Turning knob for changing speed of delivery rate (l/min/U.S. gal/min)
  • On/off switch for delivery pump (grouting pump)
  • 2 x on/off button for semi-automatic water dosage (special equipment SA 7/2)


  • Oil tank capacity approximately 151.42 l (40 U.S. gal)
  • Oil filling and breather filter
  • Oil level and temperature indication
  • Electric cooling fan

Diesel Drive

  • Three-cylinder Kubota Diesel Engine, Tier 4 Final, liquid-cooled
  • 49.5HP
  • Tank capacity approximately 83.28 l (22 U.S. gal)
  • Starter battery

Optional Extras

  • Spare parts sets
  • Pressure hoses
  • Remote controls

Technical Data


Kubota Diesel Engine, Tier 4 Final, Stage III B
49.5HP. Fuel Burn Rate:

  • 2200 rpm = 2.22 gal/h • 2400 rpm = 2.48 gal/h

Mixing Tank

  • High-shear mixing tool mounted in the middle on mixing shaft, high-shear mixing and colloidal tool mounted on mixing shaft bottom part
  • Adjustable mixing speed from 0-1800 rpm hydraulic driven
  • Mixing performance on W/C ratio down to 0.32 by weight
  • Mixing tank acts as storage tank simply by turning down mixing speed after mix is ready
  • Capacity: 2 x 60 gal

Grout Pump

  • Single hydraulic-driven, double-acting piston pump, check valve operated suction and pressure valves
  • Maximum Flow: 30 gal/min (113.5 liter/min)*
  • Maximum Pressure: 1800 PSI (120 bar)*

Power Pack

  • Power Pack contains hydraulic tank (40 gal) and diesel tank (22 gal) as well as Diesel Engine and Hydraulic Intelligence
  • The Power Pack is completely detachable from main frame for the possibility to operate Mixer and Pump Unit from a certain distance (inside buildings or tunnels) simply by extending hydraulic lines and Control cables

Digital Screen

Monitor flow and pressure on internal digital screen. Volume is calculated by stroke counting.**


  • Dimensions: 47x95x75
  • Weight: 3800 lbs

*Both maximum performances are not reachable at the same time.
**Flow on display is a theoretical calculated volume by
counting the strokes. Accuracy can be off by 100% (if suction line
is not connected or hoses are plugged, etc., pump will continue
to count!).

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