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D12-2 Delivery System

The D12-2 Delivery System

Join us at the IFCEE Expo, Booth 1224, May 10-14, 2021 in Dallas, Texas as we unveil our all new D12-2 Delivery System! With multi-user and single-user modes up to 120 gallons per minute, it is sure to impress!

Standard Features


  • Skid mounted steel frame, partially encased
  • Forklift slots
  • Powder coat

Operating Elements

  • Turning knob for adjusting maximum pressure
  • Turning knob for changing speed of delivery rate (l/min/U.S. gal/min)
  • On/off switch for delivery pump (grouting pump)

Delivery Pumps

  • 2x Double-acting, single-piston, horizontal pumps
  • Each 60 gal/min and up to 1800 PSI
  • Check valve operated suction and pressure valves
  • Multi-User Mode:
    2x 60 gal/min and 1800 PSI
  • Single-User Mode:
    1x 120 gal/min and 1800 PSI

Delivery Pressure

  • 2x Pressure transmitter to digital indicator


  • Oil tank capacity approximately 151.42 l (40 U.S. gal)
  • Oil filling and breather filter
  • Oil level and temperature indication
  • 2x Electric cooling fan

Diesel Drive

  • Kubota Diesel Engine, Tier 4 Final, EU Stage III B 65.2HP
  • Liquid-cooled
  • Tank capacity approximately 190 l (50 U.S. gal)
  • Starter battery
  • Fuel Burn Rate: -2200 rpm = 2.22 gal/h, 2400 rpm = 2.48 gal/h

Optional Electric Drive

Digital Screen

  • Monitor flow and pressure on internal digital screen. Volume is calculated by stroke counting.*

Additional Features

  • Integrated toolbox included
  • Four work lights


  • Dimensions: 84W x 130L x 84H
  • Weight: 8000 lbs

Optional Extras

  • Spare parts sets
  • Pressure hoses
  • Remote controls
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