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DT650 Mixing Station

DT650 Mixing Station

The DT650 Mixing Station brings performance and reliability to your large-scale grouting projects.  Twin 30HP electric motors with twin 45-gallon hydraulic oil tanks drive a high-shear colloidal grout mixer, ready to perform under any specification. The DT650 is ready for recipe additives such as bentonite, water reducers, silica, or lime.  Automatic features for water dosage, mixing and recipe are generated using load cells and onboard CPU. Check out the complete list of specs below!

Standard Features


  • Containerized steel frame
  • Forklift slots
  • Lifting hooks
  • Powder coat

Two-Piece Mixing Tank

  • Round stainless steel tanks, bottom inclined to outlet
  • Two tanks, capacity 650 l (170 U.S. gal) each
  • Hopper with two silo connections for solids
  • High-shear mixing tool mounted on the middle on mixing shaft, high-shear mixing and colloidal tool mounted on mixing shaft bottom part
  • Mixing speed 1800 rpm, hydraulic driven
  • Mixing performance on W/C ratio down to 0.45 by weight
  • Drive bearing above the mixing level
  • No packing seal, therefore runs dry without problems
  • Mixing tanks act as storage tanks and/or can transfer to external storage tank

Water Dosage

  • Water distributor with optional flushing connection
  • Two water-holding and dosing tanks, V=560 l (150 U.S. gal) each
  • Hydraulic operated discharge valve

Operating Elements

  • Fully automatic water dosage
  • Fully automatic mixing capabilities with pre-adjusted recipe
  • Mixing tanks on load cells for automatic mixing control
  • Digital screen for data logging and recipe input


  • Two oil tanks, capacity approximately 170 l (45 U.S. gal) each
  • Oil level and temperature indication
  • Two electric cooling fans

Electric Drives

  • Two 30 HP electric motors

Additional Features

  • Integrated pressure washer
  • Six work lights


  • Dimensions: 75”W x 180”L x 96”H
  • Weight: 8200 lbs
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