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DT650 Mixing Station

DT650 Mixing Station

Join us at the IFCEE Expo, Booth 1224, May 10-14, 2021 in Dallas, Texas as we unveil our all new DT650 Mixing Station!

Standard Features


  • Containerized steel frame
  • Forklift slots
  • Lifting hooks
  • Powder coat

Two-Piece Mixing Tank

  • Round stainless steel tanks, bottom inclined to outlet
  • Two tanks, capacity 650 l (170 U.S. gal) each
  • Hopper with two silo connections for solids
  • High-shear mixing tool mounted on the middle on mixing shaft, high-shear mixing and colloidal tool mounted on mixing shaft bottom part
  • Mixing speed 1800 rpm, hydraulic driven
  • Mixing performance on W/C ratio down to 0.45 by weight
  • Drive bearing above the mixing level
  • No packing seal, therefore runs dry without problems
  • Mixing tanks act as storage tanks and/or can transfer to external storage tank

Water Dosage

  • Water distributor with optional flushing connection
  • Two water-holding and dosing tanks, V=560 l (150 U.S. gal) each
  • Hydraulic operated discharge valve

Operating Elements

  • Fully automatic water dosage
  • Fully automatic mixing capabilities with pre-adjusted recipe
  • Mixing tanks on load cells for automatic mixing control
  • Digital screen for data logging and recipe input


  • Two oil tanks, capacity approximately 170 l (45 U.S. gal) each
  • Oil level and temperature indication
  • Two electric cooling fans

Electric Drives

  • Two 30 HP electric motors

Additional Features

  • Integrated pressure washer
  • Six work lights


  • Dimensions: 75”W x 180”L x 96”H
  • Weight: 8200 lbs
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